Over the past 10 years, I’ve maintained 3 blogs, while also contributing to such platforms as Marketing Profs Daily Fix and Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged.

Blogging, business-building, and community management are all part of my professional DNA. Eventually, I will write “real” books – though the definition of that keeps on changing! Maybe books will become TV.

I’ve come to the conclusion that successful publishing these days is intimately tied to building a “platform” of readers who are already familiar with the author’s mind and soul, whether via social media, conferences, coffee shops, or backyard barbecues.

Quote Lisa Petrilli

Several e-books I’ve published over the years include:

Make Yourself Clear! – 6 Steps to De-Fogging Your Direction and Your Message – click here for the free download (and e-newsletter sign-up)!

Clarity in 60 Seconds – an experimental 1-minute e-book showcasing the advantage of having a succinct and clear go-to-market message.

Clearing Clouds – a personal account of my lifelong struggle with depression, and how the darkness has begun to clear over the past decade.

Build Your Own Opportunity Network – now somewhat dated (last updated 2011), this was a beginner’s guide to launching out into the brave new world of on-line networks.

SWebooksI’ve also been highlighted in the books of others:

:: The Invisible Sale (by Tom Martin)
:: The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership (by Lisa Petrilli)
:: Influence Marketing (by Sam Fiorella and Danny Brown) [which includes this rather odd juxtaposition of Steve Woodruff and Steve Jobs – I’m sure that’s the last time that will happen!]

(the above links are Amazon affiliate links, which means I might be able to buy 1 Starbucks coffee next year if you click and buy a book!)