2015: The Year of the Depth Charge

It has become fashionable for many social media friends to put forward 3 words that will be their business (and/or personal) focus for the coming year.

I like the idea – which I think originated with Chris Brogan – hey, it’s all about clarity and brevity, right? So, this year, I’m going to go with it.

Though, in my case, it will be two words. A phrase actually. And one of the words has a double meaning, so it’s really like 3 words. Whatever. Here it is…

Depth Charge

I intend to go deeper this year with my clients and partners. I’m not being utilized as thoroughly as I should be. And, for too long, I’ve built a wide network, but it’s become clear that business and revenue growth occur most reliably by going deep. I’m working on modifying my business models to make this happen.

Part of that modification includes a better approach to charging for the services I provide. I have found my sweet spot(s), where I provide outstanding value – now I have to create a more intelligent framework that leads to greater impact and steadier revenue.

And finally, I simply need to charge! forward. Too much of the business I’ve envisioned is not growing on the vine because of  personal hesitancy. Uncertainty—>paralysis. It’s time to be bold and push forward, trusting that the pathway will become clear as I move ahead.

While I don’t intend to blow up any submarines in 2015, I am posting Depth Charge on the wall of my office as a constant reminder of what I need to do this year.

Depth ChargeSo, here are my 2015 hashtags:




What about you – what are your hashtags for the coming year?

And, I’ll close with this amusingly appropriate video describing the pronunciation of my favorite scotch (Lagavulin – it’s Brian Cox’s favorite too!):


  1. Great words. 2015 is going to rock!
    That video is amazing. I love Brian Cox. Fun fact: He was the first Hannibal Lector.

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