A Customer Service Story with a Gaping Void in the Middle of it



You Can’t Read the Label of the Jar You’re In

I saw it come across my email inbox. And my eyes and brain lit up!

Now, I’m not an artwork kinda guy, and I almost never buy anything spontaneously. But, when I saw this piece by Hugh MacLeod, who creates fun and quirky artwork with a business focus, I knew I had to have it. So I bought it immediately. Didn’t even care what the price was.

It encapsulated perfectly one of my key messages as the Clarity Consultant – we often need an outside set of eyes to see ourselves clearly. An objective voice. We’re all too close to our own stuff to figure out our DNA and message.

This piece of artwork hangs behind my head during Skype calls. It’s featured on my website. And it’s way better than anything I’ve tried to come up with to explain what I do.

But the story gets better.

Sometime this autumn, I saw that the Gaping Void Art folks were offering some of Hugh’s more popular art on very cool-looking acrylic blocks. So I asked if they could do the “Jar” piece – even though the original art is vertically aligned, and the blocks are horizontal. I wanted to send them out to some of my “inner circle” of collaborators and customers.

Sure, they said – and they even offered to alter the artwork so that it worked quite nicely with a 90-degree-shifted orientation. Plus, they’d leave a corner open for placement of my logo.

Wow – customization! Nice touch.

But, that still wasn’t all.

I also wondered how my logo (blue/grey) would look next to this orange-themed artwork. I’m no artist, but even I could tell that orange wasn’t going to be the easiest match for my colors.

Next thing I know, I get a design proposal in which they even changed the colors of the art to match my logo!


#MyJar – because everything should have a hashtag! ;>}

All that goodness, plus the friendliness and efficiency with which they processed the entire project, makes Gaping Void Art a customer service award winner in my book.


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