It took me a long time to find my “fit.”

Now, I’m doing what I was made to do. Helping other people find their professional purpose. With Clarity Consulting.

I can help you discover your fit if you’re in charge of a business or brand, and you’re asking these kinds of questions:

  1. With all this stuff that we could be doing, where should our strategic focus be?
  2. How can we differentiate in the marketplace?
  3. Do we have a core message that our customers are grasping and remembering?

I also work with individuals in career transition, who are thinking:

  1. Wherever this company or marketplace is going, I’m not sure I want to go with it.
  2. This job (or career direction) is a mis-match for my strengths.
  3. All right, I’ve got all this experience – now, what do I really want to do when I grow up?

Clarity Consulting is like a combination of personalized strengths-discovery, strategic brainstorming, and targeted branding. The goal, quite simply, is to Discover Your Fit. Then, we craft the words that become your verbal business card. Words that lead to the ultimate business advantage – referrals.

Ready to talk? Let’s set up a 1/2 hour consultation and brainstorm your current situation:

“Professional coaching is a realm which many people claim, but only a few stand out with the combination of business savvy and interpersonal acumen that provides priceless counsel. Steve is one of those elite. It would be trite to call his guidance life-changing – but in my case, it would also be true. Working with him has been one of my best professional decisions.”