Are You Referral-Ready? Ask These 3 Questions


One primary goal for EVERY business is to be “referral-ready” – that is, clients and friends and others can easily and accurately refer you to others who need your service.

That’s my specialty – helping you get clarity of focus and message so that you can easily be referred by others.

baton-raceThink of being referral-ready as having a baton in a relay race – one person can hand the baton (the message) to the next person, who can take it to the next.

Incredibly, referral-ready businesses are the exception rather than the rule (a great opportunity for you, right?). So how do you know if you’re referral-ready?

I have a simple process for you, involving three questions. Just pick 4-6 people (let’s say, clients or partners) and ask them – without any prompting or hints! – to answer these three simple questions:

1. Who do you think is my ideal client for my product/service?

2. How would you sum up what I offer (=what I do to earn money) in one sentence?

3. What makes me/my company unique?

That’s it! No complicated market research needed; no six-figure contract with a marketing agency. Three questions will give you the light you need.

Now be forewarned – you may be shocked at how even people you’re closest to may be unable to accurately answer these questions. Which means that they are not yet equipped to refer you.

Now – sit down with those three questions and try to answer them yourself. Because becoming referral-ready starts with you – unless you have a baton to hand to others, they can’t possibly connect you with the right people in their networks.

Make sense? Try it and see – would love to hear from you what the results are!


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  1. Great tips and questions to ask! I’m going to try this! I certainly should be aiming for more referrals.

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