Bottom-10 List of All Blog Post Titles

Bottom 10 Blog post headlines

We’ve all seen enough Top-10 Lists, right? Well, enough of that – who is bringing up the rear?

It took 3 years of intensive, full-time research, employing a cadre of experienced social media human-bots and the harnessing of deep analytical tools like SocialWhatever and BlogSpasm. Plus, IBM’s Watson with an assist from Siri.

But, Deb Ng and I finally got to the bottom of it. The absolutely least-used, least-popular blog post headlines of all time.

(Actually, we just made it up with a few tweet exchanges this morning. But I assure you – you’re not likely to see these blog posts rocketing around the social-sphere any time soon):

  1. How To Make Massive Income by Working Hard
  2. Five Ways to Slowly Grow Your Influence by Adding Value over Time
  3. Content is a Pawn, and Context is Overrated
  4. Negative Thinking: Attracting New Customers by Being Repulsive
  5. Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your Day Job and Work Full Time as an Internet Marketer
  6. Networking Success That Can’t be Accomplished in Six Easy Steps
  7. Ten Reasons You Don’t Need All Those Fans and Followers
  8. Eliminating Authenticity
  9. How to Get Rich Slowly, and Retire in Comfort when that Time Comes
  10. Twelve Twitter Secrets that Everybody Already Knows

I’ll bet you have a few favorites also, based on YOUR extensive research. Feel free to add them in the comments! ;>}


  1. Ironically, I wonder if people would find them out of the ordinary and pay more attention to them. Curiosity is powerful ya know?

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