Three Words. Twelve Letters. Great Tagline.

It was a total old-school breakfast experience. If you’ve been in the South (or just driven through), you’ve seen the ubiquitous yellow Waffle House roadside signs. These places look like a throwback to earlier decades, including the signage, the pictures on the walls, even the handwritten checks. Since my youngest son had never had the […]

Expensive Clarity: The Best and the Worst Super Bowl Ads

This was an odd-ball year for Super Bowl ads, wasn’t it? Some real head-scratchers. I found myself going, “huh??” multiple times as I saw the promotional attempts by quite a variety of companies. But, stepping back for a moment from creativity, production values, and virality, let’s take a look from the point of view of […]

Grab the Unfair Advantage of a Marketing Baton

Imagine a highly trained runner in a 4×100 relay race. He (and his 3 colleagues) have practiced hard; they’re talented, fast, and they know the competition. They’re poised to break the tape at the finish line first, except for one little thing that’s missing. They have no baton. You know, that thing you hand off […]

Branding Nashville

For many decades, Nashville has been known as Music City – and rightly so. When Santa came down the chimney in Middle Tennessee, the musical talent section of his bag ripped wide open and spilled out all over the place (and that seems to happen every year). The music being made in countless dozens of clubs […]

Pigeonhole Me. Please.

“I’m really tired of being pigeonholed as a ___________ – there’s  more to me than that!” Frustrating, isn’t it? When you’re categorized and put in a box that limits the fulness of who you are? We are multi-faceted people and we want to be recognized as more than just a (mother/father/student/neighbor/waiter/chef/world’s-worst-driver). But, when it comes […]

The Four Elements of Sweet Branding Clarity

  In a marketplace overloaded with digital noise and incessant messaging, it’s quite a challenge to make your brand stand out with clarity. Especially for small businesses and solopreneurs. Breaking through all the clutter is not merely a matter of a cute logo and catchy tagline. And it certainly doesn’t involve multi-million dollar ad campaigns. To make your brand […]

The Clarity of Convince and Convert

  Jay Baer and his crew over at Convince and Convert have unveiled a newly-redesigned website, and I have to commend them on one thing in particular. One thing that’s missing in so much on-line promotion. Clarity. So few websites (you can swap in the word “marketing materials”) get right to the point and explain […]

A 4-Dimensional Approach to Pinpointing Your “Sweet Spot”

As a business, you have the complete freedom to market whatever-you-do to whomever-you-want. Unfortunately, selling whatever to whomever is typically not a sound business strategy, which is why I advocate for clearly defining your professional “sweet spot.” How does that work out on a practical level? Let me walk you through a simple 4-dimensional process I […]