The Missing Piece of Your Business

  Small, growing businesses are often one key hire away from lifting off of the runway and beginning to reach their potential. Companies often begin their voyage with a key leader or two, and some employees. Growth occurs; then a certain inflection point is reached where the company moves either toward elevation, or stagnation. The problem isn’t […]

Stuck and Struggling: Misplaced Persons

You’ve heard the phrase about getting the right people on the bus…and then, getting them in the right seat on the bus. Well, it’s true. One of the plagues of companies that are stuck and struggling is having the wrong people on board, or having people in mis-matched roles. And it’s incredibly common. I remember […]

2015: The Year of the Depth Charge

It has become fashionable for many social media friends to put forward 3 words that will be their business (and/or personal) focus for the coming year. I like the idea – which I think originated with Chris Brogan – hey, it’s all about clarity and brevity, right? So, this year, I’m going to go with it. […]

Confessions of a Recovering “More” Addict

I can’t help it. I’m always thinking about more. More reach. More customers. More, more, more. That’s the default setting, even when I know better. Maybe all marketers are afflicted with this addiction (are you?) The answer, of course, is not more. It’s better. Knowing our target audience and putting more of our effort there. As […]

An Alternative to the Sales Funnel

I understand the whole sales funnel approach. It has some merit, actually. Reach as many people as you can, bring them through a process whereby their interest is (hopefully) increased, and hope that some percentage of those who start at the top of the funnel end up converting at the bottom into sales transactions. The […]

Becoming the Go-To

Let’s do a little word association exercise. We’ll call it Name That Go-To. When you think of Entrepreneurship, who are the Go-To people that come to mind? _______________ How about Leadership?  _______________ Country Music?  _______________ The fact is, for every area of interest, we associate certain people as our familiar experts – our Go-To, top-of-mind folks that we […]

Why You Need a Business Fishfinder

In one of my public workshops on the Digital Future, I make the point that the next billion-dollar business will not be in Search, but in Find. What we really want to do isn’t search (which is a means), but find (which is the goal). When it comes to digital platforms, this will require a whole […]

De-Fragment Your Business Strategy

As I talk in-depth to small business people (including consultants), I am seeing a pattern over and over again. I think it may actually be endemic for most professionals. Let’s call it business fragmentation. What do I mean? Well, over time, perhaps our offerings have become more diverse or less focused (sometimes in response to a […]

Fitting Into Your Market[place]

There are millions of companies out there providing something-or-other, and millions of people doing some-job-or-other. Don’t be one of them. Define and fit into your market[place]. The universal marketplace of everyone and everything is not your target for business success. YOUR market[place] is defined by Your professional DNA Your unique value-adding offering Opportunities or gaps in a […]

Not All Business is Good Business

I don’t remember where or when I first heard it, but the phrase has stuck with me like white on rice: Not all business is good business. Some projects that seem to promise high revenue may (in reality) equal low profit – or even a loss. If you step back and be objective (closing your ears […]