What Do You Think: Is Workstyle Profiling a “Thing”?

  Over a number of years doing career consulting/coaching with individuals, I’ve seen certain patterns in the way people approach their work – and I’d love to get your input about something¬†I’m calling “workstyles.” Essentially, I think we’re wired to approach work (and life) with a certain mentality or approach. We have internal patterns that […]

Please – Any Job Will Do

From a LinkedIn profile I came across last week: “I am a qualified professional with a diversified skill set seeking employment that will allow further career enhancement and personal growth. I am highly adaptable with excellent communication skills. I am able to develop and implement project plans with attention to detail to ensure timely project […]

Culture Shock

30-odd years ago, my wife and I moved from the Nashville area, to NJ (for what we thought was a 4-year stint). It was a true culture shock. And the 4 years turned into 30. Last week, we moved back to the Nashville area. There were multiple reasons, including cost-of-living and a milder climate, but […]

Four Ways to Get Out of Someone Else’s Box

I remember, a number of years back when working with another company, the intense frustration I felt (along with my colleagues) when a certain pharmaceutical client – a very important customer¬†spending a pretty fair chunk of change with us – refused to even hear of some expanded business offerings we wanted to promote. No! You […]

Five Steps Toward Finding Your Professional Sweet Spot

  This, for the uninitiated, is a baseball bat. You can swing it and strike a pitched ball anywhere from the bottom of the handle to the top of the barrel. But there’s only one place – the “sweet spot” – where you’re going to get maximum power. Doubles, triples, and home runs happen at […]

Gift Envy – Nobody’s Got Time For That!

  I’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of time and energy over the years doing something I regret. Envying other people. Not so much their possessions or privileges. But their abilities. Their gifts. Great speakers. Great writers. Great schmoozers. Athletes. Extroverts. Actors. Instead of being inspired, I’m intimidated. Instead of enjoying, I envy. Because I want […]

Disruption is the New Normal. Now What?

I was making a number of visits in the Boston area earlier this month, and two people from different biotech companies with whom I had set up appointments were suddenly placed on the wrong side of company downsizings. The iPad came in really handy for finding a nearby Starbucks, when a corporate office was no […]

3 Things To Tell Your Inner Introvert

Many of us introverts can’t help but pay attention to the voices in our heads. No, we’re not schizophrenic – just attuned to the inner dialogue that goes on in every human mind. At least, it should be a dialogue. Many times it’s a destructive monologue, telling us how deficient we are. Let’s turn it […]

What’s Your Magic?

I’m not even sure quite yet what I believe about this topic. Thought I’d throw it out there for discussion – what’s your perspective? There are inherent strengths. Acquired skills. And growth-through-experience. Then, there’s personal magic. I’m increasingly thinking there may be something to the idea that we each have something special – as I’ve […]

Toiling in the Trenches

Have you spent some years toiling in relative obscurity, in a job that seemed to be going nowhere? I have. Yet those jobs proved (later, in retrospect) to be the training ground for much greater usefulness down the road. I was speaking recently to a young man who had worked a job for years that […]