Career-Transition-Ready is The New Black

How many people do you know that have been with the same company for for 20+ years?¬†Probably very few – right? I’m always amazed when I find someone that’s been in one place for 15 years or more. In fact, how many job roles have you¬†had? How long have you spent at any one company? […]

Will eHarmony Crack the Code of Career Matching?

I am totally into the idea that we need to find our right “fit” – in relationships, careers, professional partnerships, and cultures. I even use the eHarmony analogy when I talk about my biopharma client-vendor matchmaking practice (Impactiviti). It should be no surprise, then, that I was intrigued by this announcement in Fast Company: eHarmony […]

The Career Mid-Life Crisis (yes, it’s normal!)

No, I’m not talking about THAT kind of mid-life crisis. You know – tossing off all responsibilities, kissing corporate life good-bye forever, opening up a coffee/parasailing shop in Mexico, living on a boat and a Harley, and selling sea gull dung as a sustainable energy source. No – not that kind. But, in the many […]

Putting Your Career on “Pause”

It would be nice if everyone had the luxury of a significant source of second income, or some hefty savings, or a nice severance package – because sometimes when a job comes to an end, it’s nice to decompress for a while and re-think career direction. A role you took on 5 years ago may […]

Your Career: Growing, or Shrinking?

  There’s a certain appealing simplicity to the recent crop of AT&T ads – you know, the one with the deadpan guy sitting around with some young kids, asking questions like, “What’s better – bigger, or smaller?” So, let’s ask a very simple question about your current career path or job role. Ready? Are you […]

Being Out of Alignment

  Have you ever driven a car with the front end out of alignment? It’s an uncomfortable experience. You’re fighting the wheel the whole way. The road, the wheels, and you, are in a constant directional battle. Trying to get someplace while misaligned is wearisome. We hear a lot about “alignment” in the corporate setting, […]

Stuff I’ve Learned: You Can’t Change the Boss

I work for myself now. It wasn’t always that way. And part of the reason I ventured out on my own is because of this simple lesson, learned over and over again: You can’t change the boss. Whoever is in charge, whoever pays the bills, sets the course and the culture. You can do your […]

A LinkedIn Summary to Love

I had the privilege of meeting Dawn Kristy at the SOBCon conference a few weeks back, and we had a long talk about her career (and life) path. Turns out that Dawn is quite a writer, and I love what she did recently with her LinkedIn summary: Here’s what I like about Dawn’s approach: Excellent […]

Four Resume Tips for Human Beings

Disclaimer: I am not a certified, highly-trained, professional resume writer. I don’t write material so that its metadata can be recognized by machine code and spat out for eventual downstream HR glances. Instead, I advocate writing human. You know, being clear about who you are and what you want. People hire people, not keywords. If […]