Baby, It’s Warm Inside (this network)!

  Way back in the day, when LinkedIn was pretty new and social media was beginning to emerge, I intuitively “saw” the power of digitally-fueled networks (as many of us did). But, I must confess that, on my part, a lot of this was (initially) logic-driven. Maybe a little calculated and opportunistic. The power was […]

“You Two Should Meet”

Those four words, strung together, can be very powerful, can’t they? Last week, I spent several network-building days in Kansas City. Why? Primarily, because a couple of people I was connected to said, “Hmmm….I think you ought to meet so-and-so.” Networking serendipity. Last year, I went to California with my family for a wedding. We […]

Your Unexpected Value

I’m a huge fan of each one of us discovering our particular areas of professional value, and expanding our careers around them. But, you know, every one of you folks out there provide some unexpected value as well. Value you may not even be aware of. There are so many wonderful people in my network […]

Enrolling in Referral U

I am convinced that we (collectively) have barely scratched the surface of the power of making referrals. The odd thing is, we all KNOW that the person-to-person referral is THE most powerful driver of business. So why is are referrals so often the exception rather than the rule in our business development? There’s nothing inherently […]