Sleeping with a Masked Man

My wife now sleeps with a masked man. This does not upset me – in fact, I am very much in favor of the arrangement – since I am that masked man. Why am I wearing a mask at night? Well, a few months ago I had a sudden minor stroke while traveling (A Scary Moment in Terminal […]

Career Shame

In recent days, I’ve spent a good bit of time talking to people who are in their 30’s and 40’s, and going through career transition. Actually, in some cases, it’s total career re-definition. Ever felt “lost” as an adult when you’re in mid-career-stride? Like, in retrospect, maybe you made some really bad decisions? Yeah, that. It […]

A Scary Moment in Terminal A

It was a routine Tuesday morning flight from Nashville to Newark. Flying Southwest Airlines, as I normally do these days, we pulled into Terminal A. I had 4 days of scheduled meetings ahead of me in the familiar environment of north Jersey. I reached up to grab my rollerbag from the overhead, strode down the […]

Letting Loose: A Reflection on 2014

  To say that 2014 was a year of major transitions in the TeamW household would be quite an understatement. For me, and for my family, this year was a series of big shifts. The biggest transition was our move from New Jersey to Tennessee in July, which involved a whole bunch of related changes; new […]

Why I Began to Tune Out “The Voice”

We all have an inner thought-life, accessible to none but ourselves (and perhaps a trusted soulmate who “gets” us). But often a very influential someone else resides deep within our thoughts, a should-be-unwelcome-guest speaking into our souls. The Voice. Let’s call this bad actor Tapeworm. Tapeworm plays tapes incessantly, its disheartening voice worming around our consciousness, repeating mantras […]

Feeling Overwhelmed

Surrounded by infinite needs. Drawn by infinite possibilities. And afflicted with a thousand flaws. Sometimes – many times, honestly – I don’t feel like I know what in the world I’m doing. Ever feel overwhelmed like that? And whatever it is I’m doing, I’m getting it done very badly. At least, so it seems to […]

Can You Defeat Self-Doubt?

  Confession: I am a self-doubter. In fact, from my earliest memories as a boy, I felt a strong measure of self-doubt. Insecurity and inferiority were my constant companions. Small-ish for my age group, I was literally the last one picked for the playground teams. And, in retrospect, I guess I can’t blame the other […]


  One of the practices I love seeing in the Old Testament Scriptures is the command to rest. Six days you shall labor. One day of rest. Even the land had its sabbatical years of rest and recovery. If God Himself commanded rest, then who are we to imagine that we can be healthy with […]