The Fastest Route to Success: Build an Army of Advocates

Business grows best in fertile soil. And nothing makes your marketplace more fertile than having advocates working the soil for you and with you. Recently, I had a very successful consulting session with a small company directly because of a warm referral. I knew nothing about this company before meeting one of the key people […]

How to Become a Value-Adding Partner (not just a vendor)

Every company wants to be distinguished from the marketplace competition – but sometimes it’s difficult to rise above other suppliers and be thought of as more than just another commodity. What’s true of companies is also true of individual client-facing professionals (salespeople, account managers, project managers, etc.). You want to be thought of as a […]

Why You Need to Have a Referral-Worthy Reputation

We all want referrals. There’s no better way to grow your business than to have someone warmly and enthusiastically recommend you to another person. We’ve written on this blog before about being referral-ready; that is, having a well-targeted, concise, and memorable message that people can pass on to one another (think of this as a […]

Are You Referral-Ready? Ask These 3 Questions

  One primary goal for EVERY business is to be “referral-ready” – that is, clients and friends and others can easily and accurately refer you to others who need your service. That’s my specialty – helping you get clarity of focus and message so that you can easily be referred by others. Think of being […]

“I’m Sorry, but I Just Can’t Refer You…”

Wouldn’t it be awful to hear those words from a client or partner or colleague? “I’m sorry, but I just can’t refer you…” Wow, what a slap in the face. Or a wake-up call. But what if you’re actually great at what you do, and you’re still not getting referrals? What’s the problem then? Maybe […]

Revenue and Referrals – Yes, it can be done

(btw….I don’t usually use such hype-filled headlines. This one is a blog traffic experiment. Although, it’s also entirely true…! :>) I’ve made a boatload of money over the last 7 years doing something most of us do for free. I make referrals. Trusted, targeted referrals, matchmaking people with resources they need. We all know how […]