Resuscitating Your Writing

I like websites – and they are rare! – that get right to the point. Simple, clear, easy to navigate. Sometimes, I’ll highlight great examples on this blog, so here’s one I just came across: Fiona Thompson (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) recently appeared on my on-line radar, and the first thing I noticed was her compelling […]

Becoming a Free Agent

  Book Review If you are contemplating moving from corporate employee to contractor/consultant/solopreneur, I have a very helpful new book to recommend. It’s called Free Agent by Katy Tynan. I met Katy a couple years back at a Mastermind group (you can read more about our meeting in chapter 3 of the book) and we […]

Want To Build Your Network? Here’s Your Guide!

  Over the years, I’ve read a lot of business volumes, and a bunch of social media books. Some have disappointed. Not this one… Dave Delaney‘s New Business Networking has just taken the top spot, in my thinking, for a practical book that will walk you through the steps you need to take for building […]

The Cornerstone of Success: Youtility

Let me begin this review of Jay Baer‘s recently-released business book “Youtility” by stating that the core message – the best way to succeed in business is to actually be helpful – is hardly novel or original. It’s just rarely practiced – which makes this a very important volume for anyone seeking to launch or […]

A Glance Back at SOBCon

I just returned from my fourth SOBCon event in Chicago, and, as usual, it was a whirlwind of great ideas and non-stop networking. I love SOBCon – the intimacy, the transparency, the practicality of it. Get a bunch of smart, motivated people in one room and watch the creative ideation flow. For me this year, […]