How Facebook Could Bury Google+ and Twitter

  Let’s face it – Google+ never really got to mainstream adoption as a social network, and its future is now uncertain as Google redeploys internal talent away from developing it. And Twitter? It has lost its heart. In recent days, good friends like Chris Brogan, Joe Cascio, and Carrie Wilkerson have lamented the shift […]

5 Reflections on Social Media Marketing World 2014

(note: a collection of many other re-cap links for SMMW14 are at the bottom of this post!) I had the privilege of spending several days in San Diego attending a social media conference (Social Media Marketing World 2014) last week. From most conferences, I return feeling drained by IEWS (Introvert Energy Wipeout Syndrome). However, after […]

Yes, You CAN Get Personal on Twitter!

  Twitter has become a massive noise machine of shared links, pictures, news items, and platitudes. There’s always been an element of that, of course; but in the early days, it seemed that there was a lot more personal connection and discovery. Which is still happening – and you and I can continue to use […]

Using Social Media for Business? Go Backwards.

Those of us who are marketers tend to be programmed to think about reach and numbers. It’s easy to import that thinking into our social networking approach. Have you ever chased subscriber numbers or Twitter followers or RTs or some sort of virality? I have – I think we all have (except the most angelic […]

Social Media – So What?

Social Media used to be a blast. You know, 4-8 years ago, when digital networks were just rising to the surface, and there was an aura of discovery around new people, new tools, new access to information. It was really fun. There’s no doubt that social networking/digital connectivity are going to continue to play a […]

Bottom-10 List of All Blog Post Titles

We’ve all seen enough Top-10 Lists, right? Well, enough of that – who is bringing up the rear? It took 3 years of intensive, full-time research, employing a cadre of experienced social media human-bots and the harnessing of deep analytical tools like SocialWhatever and BlogSpasm. Plus, IBM’s Watson with an assist from Siri. But, Deb […]