Does Your Business Need a Growing Pains Advisor?

Never heard of a “Growing Pains Advisor“? That’s OK, neither did I (nor did Google), until today.

It’s (hopefully) a memorable title.

Turns out that that is exactly what I do in my consulting for small businesses and corporate teams. I’m an advisor for businesses undergoing growing pains. I just hadn’t branded it that way.

And, according to some very smart people in my network,* I now recognize that what I provide is not just advice on branding and positioning.

I provide ongoing advice on change and growth.

Gaining clarity about what is holding back your growth is only the first step. Moving forward through those barriers is where real change occurs.

Who needs a Growing Pains Advisor? See if some or all of these descriptions fit you, or someone you know:

  1. You’re leading a smaller company, probably between 15-250 people, and growth-related problems are multiplying.
  2. You have the responsibility and budget to lead a corporate team that isn’t on the same page, or doesn’t have a shared vision.
  3. You’re a startup entrepreneur or a solo consultant trying to gain clearer focus and direction.
  4. You’re in some fog about how to optimize your team, differentiate your offerings, and make your messaging clear.
  5. You’re feeling very alone in leadership and need strategic clarity, practical advice, accountability, fresh direction, and an occasional kick in the butt.
  6. You need an (outside) sympathetic ear and co-brainstorming mind.

Turns out that several of my Clarity Therapy clients were already using me this way, but it took some insight from a number of my fellow business owners to realize that many clients need help implementing change, and that I can provide unique value in that process.

Here’s how that relationship looks graphically:

Growing Pains Advisor

> Initial discovery is a 60 minute phone/Skype conversation for problem diagnosis and gaining mutual familiarity.

> Clarity Therapy is a 3-7 hour intensive session to identify professional DNA, surface differentiators, define ideal marketplace, brainstorm fresh direction, and create initial messaging.

> Ongoing Advisory Services takes shape according to the implementation roadmap; generally a mix of scheduled input calls, and open-ended issue brainstorming. Change, by definition, is dynamic!


Does this make sense to you? Do you have any questions about this type of consulting? Feel free to leave a comment, or contact me directly (steve at stevewoodruff dot com). I’ll be updating my website in the coming days to reflect this new “packaging” of clarity consulting!

*As many of you know, I’ve been wresting a good bit with my business approach over the last few weeks (check out the incredible comments on that post!), and I’ve been reaching out to some great people (my advisors) to help clarify how I package my consulting services. And I’d like to thank the following people for providing extremely insightful help, in writing, on the phone, via Skype, or face-to-face – y’all are really great!

What we all need at times (including me!), is consultant/counselor/coach who can see both the forest and the trees, and provide the insight and encouragement to bring about growth.


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Steve. Congratulations – this sounds really promising!

  2. Congratulations on gaining clarity about your value to your clients and your services. Well done. Here’s to a profitable 2015!

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