Feeling Overwhelmed

Surrounded by infinite needs.

Drawn by infinite possibilities.

And afflicted with a thousand flaws.

Sometimes – many times, honestly – I don’t feel like I know what in the world I’m doing. Ever feel overwhelmed like that?

And whatever it is I’m doing, I’m getting it done very badly. At least, so it seems to my jaded eyes.

Husband and father? I often feel like the world’s worst. A tragicomedy of good intentions but clumsy efforts.

Businessman? Continually making it up as I go along, and wondering why I manage to find and trip over every bump in the road.

Writer? Ideas and words arising constantly, yet muzzled by an internal voice that whispers, “you don’t have what it takes.”


When I look in the mirror, I often see a glass mostly empty. Who is that cracked and broken vessel, trying to do all of this?

It seems that every day is Flawday.

Well, there are successes. And I could wish life and work were 100% shiny. I could wish I was running on all cylinders, all the time, flying down the highway with victory blowing my hair back.

Then I could be a social media fraudster, dropping pearls of wisdom from the mountaintop of unremitting success. How much more insufferable would that make me?

I’ll have to settle for being deeply flawed. Hopefully, by God’s grace, I can avoid being a fraud.

(train of thought sparked this morning by Brandon Cox)

photo credit: Peter Kaminski via photopin cc

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