Fitting Into Your Market[place]

Puzzle fitThere are millions of companies out there providing something-or-other, and millions of people doing some-job-or-other.

Don’t be one of them. Define and fit into your market[place].

The universal marketplace of everyone and everything is not your target for business success. YOUR market[place] is defined by

  • Your professional DNA
  • Your unique value-adding offering
  • Opportunities or gaps in a domain you can service (client pain points)
  • Your reputation

You have a unique sweet spot as an individual or company, an offering that sets you apart. As a company, you have a very specific subset of people who can be paying clients. You’ve built trust (I hope!) somewhere. That’s your [place] in the market.

As an individual, you are developing skills and competencies that are shaping you for a particularly “fitting” role. That’s your [place] in the market of work (whether working for others, or self-employed).

Think narrow. Think niche. Think about your identity, your “best fit,” not just whatever comes along.

Your primary job, right now, isn’t winning the next project, or grabbing the next available job opening up the ladder. It’s knowing and defining your market[place].

The best way to find your sweet spot is by asking for the honest input of trusted others (including clients and co-workers). Generally speaking, they will see more clearly than you do where you fit. You can also get outside help by way of an assessment and professional counsel.

But either way, don’t bounce from place to place based on circumstance. Find and fit into your market[place]. And grow from there.


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