Free Clarity Therapy in Nashville?

You read that right!

NashvilleI’ll be making a trip into Nashville next week (March 3-6) and I have reserved two 90-minute morning slots for free Clarity Therapy mini-sessions for two opportunistic folks who move fast!

The ground rules are simple:

1. You’re a solopreneur and/or consultant (I also do Clarity Therapy for small biz, and people in career transition; but these sessions in Nashville will be for fellow solos). Yes, you can be from greater Nashville, including Franklin.

2. You’re feeling unclear about your business direction, offerings, and messaging, and want clarity and advice from an outside source.

3. The time slots are 8-9:30 on Tuesday (4th) and Wednesday (5th). Probably at the Frothy Monkey coffee shop on 12th Avenue South.

4. It’s free. Really. I’m nice like that.

If you know someone who needs a little clarity, feel free to pass along the offer. But don’t wait!

Contact me (steve at stevewoodruff dot com) before midnight Friday February 28th, and I’ll pick 2 winners.

(btw, I do have a history with Nashville. I went to Vanderbilt and lived in the city for several years afterward. Have been in marooned for 30 years since, but Nashville still feels like home. And I can’t wait to visit Loveless Cafe again!!)

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