Get Connected

The corporate safety net is dead. You’ve become convinced of that by now, right?

That means our future is in our own hands. And we can build our own Opportunity Networks.

I create collaborative networks of high-quality people and companies, where we can much more efficiently share information, find resources, and generate new opportunities. Not based on avenues opened up by some faceless corporation. Based on organic ties to great people.

My ultimate goal in building networks is utterly audacious – to take on the biggest business development challenge facing us all. Gradually replacing selling with trusted referrals.

One of my professional networks, Impactiviti, is where I matchmake pharmaceutical clients with optimal outsource vendors – think of it as an eHarmony trusted referral network running on a finder’s fee system. Clients win. Partners win. Impactiviti wins.

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IĀ also connect constantly with talented professionals in many other industries and areas, believing firmly that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

If you want to connect, or consult, or subscribe – I welcome your interest. The easiest way to get on my radar is through my Clarity Blend newsletter, and by engaging me on Twitter.