Get UNSTUCK – for less than 1 dollar!

I’ve kept it a bit of a surprise, but here’s the news – as of today, I’m now a published author!

A new book, “Unstuck: 10 Proven Strategies for Breaking Through the Barriers to Small Business Growth” has just launched on Amazon – in fact, it is available RIGHT NOW! (here is the link).

I am a contributing author along with 9 talented colleagues – each author brings practical steps with the singular goal of helping you get Unstuck (overcoming common business hurdles and challenges) so you that can grow effectively.

We’re talking over 200 years of business experience packed into this volume!

Right now, you can order the Kindle version for 99¢ (Paperback version: $6.95). That’s crazy inexpensive. If you don’t get 99¢ worth of value out of the first 5 minutes of reading, I’ll eat my hat on Facebook Live. My chapter, on achieving business clarity, is first…so I gotta deliver in the first few minutes!

And you know how best-seller lists work, right? Get a bunch of orders at launch and become a bestseller like J.K. Rowling, or Plato, for the rest of your life? Well, that’s our goal! (who wouldn’t want to cross “Become a bestselling author” off of their bucket list?)

So…can you do me a BIG favor and order the book on Amazon, like…right now? Before your 5th sip of coffee? In fact, the Kindle version actually costs less than your coffee!

Ready to get Unstuck? Here is the Amazon link – thanks in advance for helping us launch (and feel free to forward/tweet this post and tell your friends!)


Want to know what a live presentation on business Clarity is like? Check out this video!

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