Give Me The Cake, Not The Ingredients

I’m going to unashamedly borrow from my friend Chris Westfall with that blog title, because his newsletter today just hit the nail on the head.

cakeMost times we (as customer) don’t want the details. Don’t tell me about the recipe. Don’t list off the ingredients.

Just give me the cake.

This was a timely thought, since I had a meeting with one of my training referral partners recently to try and clarify what exactly was their primary offering, and for whom it was aimed. Up to that point, I was seeing bits and pieces of offerings – this topic, that workshop, the other course – but it wasn’t tied together. I wanted to make referrals with a clear message.

I needed to see the cake. Like, in a single phrase: “We offer ___(this)____ for ____(these people)____.”

“We provide market access training for key account managers.”

“We specialize in soup-to-nuts product launch training.” 

“We provide communications training for corporate leaders and executives in the pharmaceutical industry.”

Package your offering in my need-language, not your ingredient-language.


One of the most common marketing mistakes I see looks like this:

“We do….
….so, pick something!”

Customers don’t want to create their own recipe. They don’t want to try to figure out how you can help them. They just want the cake.

What’s your cake? Who’s it for? “We offer ___(this)____ for ____(these people)____.”


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