1. My most beloved Chick-fil-A has a logo that’s worse than Kroger’s. In some ways, you just have to respect the bug/wordmark.

    Arby’s updated their look but did it really work? McDonalds has been the same doe how long? Nike?

    Perhaps Kroger just needs to change its stores to their Fred Meyer brand.

    • Chick-fil-A has succeeded phenomenally despite the meh logo. McD’s arches and the Nike swoosh are nearly timeless classics. But I’m not sure we’ll find people proudly walking around in their Kroger-themed shirts and hats, identifying themselves to all the world with that logo.

    • Wayne Mallen says

      I wholeheartedly agree. Kroger logo is outdated and in need of a facelift.
      My employer UPS went through a logo facelift recently and was very much needed to stay competitive and keep up with the times.
      Kroger…..time to change.

  2. Hi Steve,

    So funny and so true. My kids often joke about everything Kroger in our house–we don’t buy name brands—but my wife and I always joke about the packaging, and logo 😉

    The big store here is Fred Meyer (part of the Kroger empire) and man they need a revamp as well ;)…

  3. Also, I should note that when you pull in to the pumps to fill up with gas, there you see an entirely different type treatment – “kroger” all in small (uncapitalized) letters. Sigh.

  4. M. P. Sloane says

    I have tried to decipher the Kroger logo, and tried to remember clues to its origins my brain may have once held. At one point, way back in the 1950s or 1960s, wasn’t a lady pushing a shopping cart part of the Kroger logo? Did it morph into this abstraction of that image?

    At this point, I think it’s the years logged by this logo that matter to the head people at Kroger, more than its merit judged alongside other major corporate logos. I don’t think this last figures in it at all. I think they are perfectly settled-in with the fact that people will always need groceries. No innovation anywhere on the horizon.

    If some upstart hotshot company appeared that found a way to make selling and delivering all groceries from online orders work, and they started seriously eroding Kroger’s fortunes (the way, say, amazon did Border’s), then, then I think they’d want to look at a new logo. And under those circumstances, you can bet it would be war-room reaction, and they’d get it all wrong.

  5. I always thought the negative space in the gas and pharmacy logo was an abstraction of the United States…it has a shape reminiscent of the 48 contiguous states.

  6. The gas logo is a pattern of the 48-state US. It comes in very handy when traveling and wanting the best price on gas, while not necessarily knowing the local name of the Kroger-family store/quick stop. I may not know what Turkey Run is, but I know it is part of that chain’s gas stations.

  7. The color-coded blob originates from the TomThumb gas station logo.

  8. Now that i have looked at it a bit, the Turkey Hill logo looks like a severely distorted outline of the continental United States…

  9. The logotypes of most of Kroger’s subsidiaries are even worse. I’m looking at you King Soopers.

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