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I sent this out to two of my e-mail newsletter lists today:

How Help

Steve Woodruff Frothy Monkey

The variety of requests coming in is fascinating. I think I’ll do a live update (anonymous, of course):

– How can I gain respect back from some co-workers after some mess-ups, including miscommunications?
(this recent post is relevant, actually:

– I would like a detailed review of this client-growing workbook.
(A great approach, but will prospects actually do the work filling things out and analyzing? Wondering…)

– We need a title for a position that is like “evangelist,” but not that word.
Brand Advocate is one way to go. Who has other ideas?

– How do we deal with the way (large) clients are forced to commoditize professional services?
(here’s my reply to that one)
Ugh. This is a major problem almost everyone faces. As long as your service can be put side-by-side with comparable offerings, this struggle will always happen. I try to help companies figure out if there is some very particular, differentiated offering that can’t be apples-for-apples compared with others. A packaged “product” or offering that gets away from things like hourly rates or commodity-level deliverables. It’s not possible for every kind of service, but sometimes, companies do have a unique potential offering hiding in the midst of their prior work. See:

– We need a great app developers for pharma field sales support
(working on it…)

– We’re looking for a great Project Manager.
(this is full-time, greater Philly area, pharma training experience. Anyone?)

– How do I define and reach my ideal clients quickly?
(that’ll be the subject of an upcoming clarity therapy session!)

– I need help with a very targeted PR strategy for an entertainment niche.
(getting input from a couple people in that niche…)

– We need a VP of Sales (life sciences training).
– Our company is looking for one or two experienced B2B sales professionals (also life sciences training).
(one of the biggest ongoing needs I come across in my biopharma training niche is vendor/providers needing experienced and productive sales/account management professionals)


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