I Want to Work for You. Maybe.

If you’re in the 1% of companies that need exactly what I have to offer as a small-business clarity advisor, I want to work for you.The 1 per cent

If you’re in the 99% that don’t – well, maybe you know someone in the 1%? Please read on…

What businesses are in the 1%? Many or all of the following descriptions resonate with you:

  1. You’re a smaller company, probably between 5-250 people, and you’re undergoing growing pains.
  2. You’re feeling stuck, confused, and over your head (welcome to the club).
  3. You could really use an experienced outside perspective on business and marketing strategy for present challenges and future growth.
  4. You want some fresh clarity around your current and future offerings, and how they can be differentiated from competitors in the marketplace.
  5. Your sales and marketing messages aren’t getting through – they lack clear focus and “punch”.
  6. You’re feeling very alone in leadership and need practical advice, accountability, fresh direction, new ideas, and an occasional kick in the butt (personalized coaching).
  7. You would love to have a well-networked connection agent/digital expert to help you find resources, partners, and new opportunities.
  8. You’re trying to carve out your niche in the healthcare, biopharma, marketing, technology, financial services, media, and/or B2B space.

>> Also, you’re not a jerk; because…well, I only help good people succeed. Seriously. My clients are realistic people who understand that they “can’t read the label of the jar they’re in.”

For the 1%, that’s what I offer. I serve as your go-to expert-on-tap, your own Clarity Consultant/Coach. I’m there to give insight, to help set fresh direction, and to bring expert perspective and support during times of change.

While some of my Clarity Therapy engagements are one-day sessions, my greatest value comes in a 6 or 9 month part-time retainer relationship with small businesses (or corporate teams) having multi-faceted challenges. We not only set your company/market direction together, I serve as your “Advisory GPS” to help keep things on track, and make adjustments on the fly.

Your company may be local (Nashville area), or remote (most of my current clients are remote, actually).

Contact me at steve (at) stevewoodruff dot com if you’re part of the 1% – let’s see if working together is a good “fit”!


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