How to Become “Referral-Ready” – Bring The Clarity to Your Next Event!

Steve Woodruff public speakerIf you’re in business, you need to be “referral-ready.” Referrals, as we all know, are the most powerful business-builders of all.

What better topic to address at your upcoming conference or meeting?

Before advertising, before marketing campaigns, before the sales pitch, before social media – first and foremost, we need to establish a clear message that can be passed on to (and by!) other people.

And I can help your event attendees become referral-ready, in either a 45-60 minute talk, or a facilitated workshop.

Here’s the deal: unless we can make our message, our offering, and our target audience clear to others, we are not refer-able by others.

It’s up to us to give people the words that spread our message. This is why message clarity is a foundation stone of success.

Based on years of successfully helping businesses and professionals gain focus and articulate their value (through my intensive consulting sessions called Clarity Therapy), I have distilled the key principles into a lively and enlightening talk (How to Become Referral-Ready) that any professional audience will find immediately helpful.

Here is the 5-point outline:

1. Why a Clear Message is not an Option (defeating everyone’s biggest competition: noise and attention span)

2. De-Fogging the Windshield (purging the thoughts and words that make you a forgettable commodity) 

3. The 5 Elements of Business Clarity (defining what differentiates you)

4. The 3 Verbal Tools that Make You Referral-Ready (breaking through the fog and into the memory bank)

5. Examples of Referral-Ready Clarity in the Marketplace

This session can be customized for the following audiences:

– Marketers (social/digital media or otherwise)

– SMB owners/executives

– Entrepreneurs/solopreneurs/consultants

– People in career transition

(I have found that the framework and approach is actually quite similar for each of these groups. The specific applications and examples vary with each audience.)

Every professional audience can benefit from learning how to become referral-ready. Because nothing drives business as effectively as a well-placed referral.

Interested? Contact me and let’s talk about bringing a whole new level of value to the attendees at your next event!


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