In Praise of…Bob Burg

Bob BurgI’ve been involved in social media for many years, and there are a few people who really stand out.

People who create solid content; who are engaging, smart, nice; and – how else can we put it? – committed. In it for the long haul.

One of those folks is Bob Burg. Author, blogger, speaker, encourager. He has quite a following, yet he very attentively interacts with people on-line – consistently. I’ve known nothing but personal warmth in all of my dealings with Bob.

He’s also one of those rare people who is not afraid of having convictions…yet exudes a gracious and professional disposition at the same time.

If you don’t yet follow Bob, remedy that at once. He’s one of the best!


  1. WOW – Thank you, Steve. What a fantastic surprise it was to see this. Can’t thank you enough. Please know that I’m beyond honored, my friend and brother!!

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