Is Your Brand Just Another Penguin?


Product Distribution Co

We just wanted to leave all our options open!!

This morning, I was driving up to a coffee meeting on I-65 toward Nashville when I spotted this truck. In amused disbelief, this blog post began to write itself in my mind as I drove.


(ringing phone in grey, industrial cubicle…)

“Good morning, is this Product Distribution Company?”

“Yes, this is PDC, where entities move stuff to and from places for various reasons. How may we help you?”

“Well, I’m calling from Product Manufacturing Company. We make stuff, and we need a transportation solution provider.”

“Sounds like you’ve called the right place! What are you looking to get moved?”

“Things. Products.”

“Perfect. Right up our alley. Where do you need your stuff shipped?”

“We need it to go to stores. Ones that provide products and services to consumers.”

“That’s our sweet spot! Hey, who is the branding company that came up with your identity?”

“We used PenguinGVF – the Generic, Vague & Forgettable folks.

“Yeah, we love those guys too!!!”

LESSON: Before you name your company something meaningless like ‘Industrial Solutions’ or ‘Strategic Services, Inc.,’ take a look at a huge flock of penguins and ask yourself, “How can we stand out from the rest?”

penguin flock


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