Just Give Me a Beer

Or, why I don’t fear Artificial Intelligence.

I spent some time recently with the owner of a pub specializing in a wide – and I do mean wide! – selection of libations.

(this picture only shows SOME of what is on tap. Then, there’s all the shelves of cans and bottles…I’m thirsty just thinking about it)

We joked about the customer who walks in and says, “Just give me a beer.” The owner’s approach at that point – start asking a lot of questions to see what the customer does and doesn’t like, and then use his expertise to narrow things down to a couple of interesting choices.

In my 30+ years of sales/marketing/consulting, I have found that clients often have some idea of what they want – but it takes skillful questioning and a broad knowledge of the landscape to guide customers to something new and valuable.

A great consultant – in the boardroom, or behind a bar – is fundamentally an expert guide. A wise advisor. The world is full of endless options, and you definitely don’t want to default to a Bud Light when you’d really love to enjoy a Left Hand Bittersweet Nitro.

Alexa has never tasted Black Abbey – St. Martin. Or a Bud Light. Or anything.

I love consulting (in my areas of expertise). And I love working with other consultants (in my MANY areas of ignorance). Great consultants listen, question, distill, sort, enlighten, and recommend. You’ll never get that from robots!


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