Letting Customers Edit Your Direction

I was talking with one of my clarity therapy coaching clients recently, and came out with a question that changed the whole course of the conversation:

“Among your offerings, what are you doing most right now? Give me percentages.”

The answer surprised me. It gave a flash of insight into the real on-the-ground demand. And, after further discussion, those percentages led to a change in strategy and messaging.

Edit Your DirectionYou see, when we launch and promote our businesses, we go out there with our best understanding of the marketplace at the time. But we always have to be ready for our customers to “edit” our direction according to their true needs.

And as long as that refined direction remains in our sweet spot, we need to listen and respond.

When I started my pharmaceutical client-vendor matchmaking business 7 years ago, I naturally expected that my extensive (and known) background in technology solutions would lead to most requests being around digital platforms. And I was quite wrong. The need for vendor recommendations – right on. But it turns out that 80% of the requests had nothing to do with digital solutions; instead the greater need was for more traditional training stuff.

Okay, then. Edit.

Not long ago, I was talking to a fellow professional coach who was discussing her base of customers. A certain pattern was emerging as to the type of clients for whom she was most naturally a best “fit.” She edited her message to focus on that type of coaching client, since the need was vast and her skill set (and her heart) were a best match for that demographic.

We go to market with our message, as best we understand it. And our market comes back with its message. The smart consultant or company is happy to edit and refine.

Evolve and prosper!

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  1. “Evolve and prosper!”

    That is awesome. And yes, great points today, Steve. As consultants, our end goal is always to serve our clients and evolving is key!

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