Meet DJ Waldow, Career Transition Coach

DJ Waldow is a passionate guy. And he’s had a varied set of roles in his long career (many of us know him as a very public face of e-mail marketing).

He even wrote a book on the subject.

But DJ is more than that. His greatest desire is to help people. And, as he has re-discovered his passion and his best skills, he is re-launching himself as the career transition coach.

Looking to leave an unfulfilling role, and find YOUR new job? Coach DJ will come alongside and walk you through the process.

I asked him, in this brief clarity interview, to give us a quick sketch of what his coaching process is, and how he does it. He tried to dial down the enthusiasm level, but….well, you know DJ!

I have found, as has DJ, that there are many, MANY people feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled in their current careers. DJ and I also share a common philosophy – get some personalized help, activate your network, and, if at all possible, GET OUT and find a better fit.


DJ is a Clarity Therapy client of mine. He had this to say on his new website about the role of Clarity Therapy in arriving at his new direction:



Also on the blog: The Career Mid-Life Crisis (yes, it’s normal!)

Looking to clear the fog around your professional identity and offerings? Get Clarity Therapy!


  1. STEVE! So glad we had the chance to talk last month (and again last week!). You truly gave me the clarity I needed to launch COACH DJ.


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