New Job Search? I Want to See Your M&Ms

That post-Halloween headline sounds a little weird. Maybe even kinky.

Let me explain why it’s important to have someone look over your M&Ms.

Clarity M&MsWhen I do Career Clarity Therapy with someone, this is what the first hour or so looks like —>

It’s a mind dump – all your past career experiences, future aspirations, successes and failures, goals, positives and negatives about various work environments – we get all the M&Ms out on the table.

Then comes the fun part – sorting it all into a coherent picture that begins to show your professional DNA. Assembling a mirror that reveals YOU – more clearly.

I want to see your M&Ms because the answer is there. It may be buried, mixed up in a lot of thoughts and feelings and work experiences – but your DNA is in there. My job is to sort and match the colors together with you, helping uncover both the forest and the trees. Then we brainstorm the best opportunities, new directions, and go-forward messages.

That’s why your past track record is so important. Your experiences with the various challenges and roles you’ve taken on are the “raw material” which reveals what you’re truly best at (and maybe what you’re not so good at!)

Just ask my friend DJ Waldow.

Personality profiles are really helpful in getting a generalized grasp of your internal “wiring” (and I subscribe fully to the approach of discovering and working in our strengths). But there’s a personalized element to sequencing our individual DNA as well, shaped by our own specific work experience and our own individual aspirations and situations. That’s where it’s vital to show me your M&Ms.

What’s true of individuals is also true of companies (Business Clarity Therapy). What you’ve done in the past will reveal what you should best be doing in the future. Having an objective third-party analyzing your company DNA and co-brainstorming optimal business direction is huge.

So spill the beans. Get clarity. Then you’re ready to go to market. And I promise I won’t steal your M&Ms (however – I will tell you now that I kinda favor the blue ones…)!


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  1. You certainly helped me with MY M&Ms, Steve!

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