One Huge Benefit of Business Clarity


Once you’re very clear on where you’re heading, decisions make themselves.

Well, almost. A little bit of hyperbole there. But the reality is, once you have a destination and a GPS, it’s much easier to know where not to turn.

A firm and clear YES to one direction makes it much easier to say NO to the others.

Let’s say you’re facing a decision about a career change. It’s not uncommon for people who are good at several things (multi-competent), or who have occupied varied roles in their evolution, to really wonder what kind of job role they should pursue.

It seems like there are 100 possible choices.

But then, you determine that you really are best at Operations. And that you prefer a small company environment. A growing company that needs a key get-it-done leader. Based on prior experience, probably a software service provider, and most likely in the healthcare field. In north or central New Jersey.

Armed with that clarity, a whole bunch of doors can now be closed. A well-considered destination was the first step (this example, by the way, is based on a real client case study). The decisions begin to make themselves.

A decisive direction helps eliminate distractions and rabbit trails.

Clarity on a Starbucks napkinAs many of you know, I’ve spent the last couple months re-thinking and re-packaging my business – moving toward a retained advisor/consultant/coaching role. After many discussions and iterations, I saw it all come together as I stepped out of the shower one morning last week (see Starbucks napkin –>).

I help companies and teams move from A to B by providing Clarity, Strategy, Advisory Services, and Accountability – all along the way.

Embracing that, all sorts of decisions suddenly became clear.

– How many clients do I actually need on a yearly basis? Only 8-12.

– What kinds of leaders will value what I do? Only those seeking to grow, or manage change.

– What offerings do I emphasize? A long-term relationship (instead of a one-time transaction).

– What sort of blog content should I begin to produce? Small business advice.

In fact, each day’s schedule has gotten simpler, as a number of activities have fallen to the wayside that don’t fit this core focus. Clarity of direction pretty much allowed those decisions to make themselves.

Let’s face it – we all get pulled into a dozen directions, and one of the easiest business sins to commit is surrender to distraction. But even distraction loses its grip when we have our destination defined and our GPS is helping guide us there (I’m a dinosaur, btw – I’m just now beginning to allow myself to trust a GPS while driving…).

Trying to make long- and short-term decisions in the fog is a constant tax on our energy. Ongoing business clarity generates its own ROI by simplifying life!


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