Regular People

I was at a networking event last night in downtown Nashville – part of Chris Guillebeau’s new book launch tour – and really enjoyed the time with old friends (that’ll be you, Dave Durham!) and new.


Chris was talking about the quest – having the courage to take on an adventure. But one of the most telling phrases of the night came from Andy Traub toward the end, when he described Chris as, basically, an ordinary guy.

And that is actually how Chris consistently comes across. A regular guy, with passion and the willingness to act.

Others that are well-known in the social media world were also in attendance, and when you see them live and in-person, no longer avatars, turns out they’re just regular people.

Passionate, trying, failing, figuring it out, succeeding, struggling along with the kind of stuff we all wrestle with.

I told someone recently how small a percentage of my time spent working felt actually productive and impactful. I’m not at capacity – nowhere near – even while making a living. And the struggle to make business grow is unrelenting.

I know plenty of others whose avatars are well-respected in the digital world, but who are perplexed, questioning, maybe even experiencing financial stress behind the scenes. Ordinary folks like you and me.

It’s true in every endeavor – when we expect our “heroes” or role models to be anything other than regular people, we all get in trouble. Pedastals are for mythological figures.


Inspiration comes from regular people who act on their passion.

I’ll take the company of regular people any day.


  1. Thanks for the kind writeup. So glad you were with us last night!

  2. Well said my friend. Thx for coming out. Here’s to the regular people changing the world.

  3. I totally agree, Steve. There are no superheroes, silver bullets and magical shortcuts to success. I’m a regular guy – and proud of it. 🙂

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