Resuscitating Your Writing

I like websites – and they are rare! – that get right to the point.

Simple, clear, easy to navigate. Sometimes, I’ll highlight great examples on this blog, so here’s one I just came across:


Fiona Thompson (Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) recently appeared on my on-line radar, and the first thing I noticed was her compelling summary on LinkedIn: Resuscitating your written content, so you can get on with running your business.

Brilliant. Fiona brings your writing to life because you have better things to do. I get it immediately.

So then I went to her website to do a quick “First Impression Clarity Analysis,” * and was very pleased to see that Fiona has put in place a very effective (=clear and simple) design.

  1. Striking visual. Who wouldn’t want to be resuscitated by lips like that?
  2. Simple, memorable, unique message – resuscitate your writing. Boom. Bonus points for carrying forward the imagery with the phrase “breathe life into your project.”
  3. Instant call to action – RESUSCITATE ME button
  4. A little bit of sass and personality – (Read About How Great I Am)
  5. Nice use of white and open space – uncluttered
  6. Clear and effective testimonials

Now, the rest of the site is a bit word-heavy, but Fiona is a writer/editor, so we’ll let that go! The one suggestion I’d have – give us a before/after example of how Readford cleans up text and makes it more effective. I want to see the work, not only read about it.

I don’t (yet) know Fiona, and she has no idea I’m writing this, nor has she paid me for it.* I just love to highlight nice work that I come across.

*I do offer a “First Impression Clarity Analysis” as a paid service – through the end of 2016, it’s just $250 USD. I go on your website as an objective third-party and let you know how clear you actually are with your messaging. See sample report: website-clarity-analysis-sample

How can I help you get more clear? Contact me and let’s make your messaging work!

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  1. Thanks for the surprise write up Steve. What you say is spot on. I will do you proud, mark my words! Fiona

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