Sequencing Your Dreams

Like you, I have a lot of ideas. A lot of dreams. And sometimes, I try to make too many of them happen at once.

Now, I believe that we should (to a certain extent) “follow our dreams.” But that phrase doesn’t necessarily imply that we follow all of them simultaneously, right?

I was talking to a professional colleague yesterday and this person was laying out several exciting potential professional projects – all good ideas, all heart-passions.

And all at once.

Been there, done that.

One of the disciplines we all end up learning is how to sequence our dreams. Here are a few steps to follow that might be helpful:

  1. Write them down. And, if they are good and healthy and potentially value-adding to the world, validate every one of them in your own mind and heart.
  2. Embrace a universal law of life on planet earth – you only have the time and attention and energy (bandwidth) to succeed at a very few things at one time. Sometimes, only one. Surrender to reality. It’s OK to be mortal and limited like everyone else. Really. We actually like you better that way.
  3. If you’re seeking to launch or grow a business, scan all your ideas and see which one(s) can produce value-for-others-leading-to-revenue most quickly, and in the most sustainable way.
  4. Try to determine if you can carve out a niche you can own, and make money at it in such a way that you produce a revenue stream which will allow you pursue the next dream in the sequence.
  5. Lather, rinse, repeat.


For the creative, idea-filled person, the hardest step is #2. Yet, it also becomes the most liberating. Focus is your friend. Sequencing your dreams will give you a shot at succeeding.

I have achieved a few of my goals/dreams over the past decade, but there are still several big ones that fill my mind and heart. Even if you can envision the entire stone wall, it’s built one stone at a time. Sequentially.

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Photo credit: This is one of the stone walls in my backyard. Built sequentially, I assure you…!

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