Getting Your Small Business Back on Track

Are you a small business owner seeking to get your business back on track? You’ve come to the right place – I can help.

Prescription: a one day intensive Clarity Therapy session – sometimes followed by a short-term consulting engagement (typically 1-6 months).

I can provide a ton of value when you’re experiencing some combination of the descriptions below:

  • Your company is between 1-50 people, and hitting some areas of growth or change that are causing turmoil
  • You have entrepreneurial ADHD and you need a steady strategic thinker on-call
  • Your company is not well-enough differentiated in its marketplace and is struggling to compete with too many others
  • Your company has too many fingers in too many pies and no longer has a clear offering, client base, or message
  • Your branding is weak and your messaging is lost in the noise
  • You don’t have an effective digital strategy
  • You (the leader or owner) are wearing too many hats and starting to lose perspective and control
  • You (the leader or owner) need an outside adviser to help arrive at a clearer direction

Sound like you? I come in as your clarity consultant/coach <—(there are testimonials and case studies at this link) and help you navigate your way to a more focused direction, a more effective structure, and a clearer message.

Plus, one big bonus: I am the Connection Agent, with a huge network of resources and providers to help identify any talent and/or outsource partners you may need. And, to connect you to clients looking for your services.

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Let’s talk. You can set up an a one-hour intro call with me via the platform, and we’ll figure out together how to start getting your business into the clear.

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