So, What Do You Do?

When I saw this artwork from Hugh MacLeod, I had one of those immediate visceral reactions – “Hugh is really onto something again this time!!”

Hugh What Do

But, actually, he’s onto TWO things. Here is Hugh’s explanation, and it’s fantastic:


Isn’t that great?

But I must admit, it wasn’t the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that image above.

What I instantly “saw” in that picture was the experience we’ve all had over and over again, at presentations, social gatherings, networking meetings, etc.

People (maybe us?) not knowing what words to use to clearly express what we do to the next person. Instead, we often do a mind dump that doesn’t get the point across.

And that, my friends, is why I do Clarity Consulting.

We have a lot to say, as individuals and businesses. We need to figure out how to say it with brevity and clarity.

Nobody can remember all that verbiage. No-one has the mental and memory bandwidth for a long, foggy message.

We allĀ need a Memory Dart (not an elevator pitch – and definitely not a word cloud!) that gets your point across clearly.

(those who follow me know that I highly value Hugh’s artwork, and one of his pieces is a mainstay in my messaging about clarity!)





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