Solving a Branding Challenge in 30 Seconds

I’ve had to face several significant branding struggles during my 10-year run as a consultant – which actually feels slightly embarrassing to have to admit, given that one of my key messages is developing a succinct and clear brand message!

One of my enduring challenges is having two distinct audiences – a group of professionals connected to the Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotech, Medical Device) Training industry; and then, small businesses and individual professionals seeking clarity and focus.

In both cases, I help clients get clear, and get connected – but in the Life Sciences realm, I have a particular business model based on a recommendation network I’ve built, and a referral fee structure.

It’s been a problem – a 10-year problem! – to continually explain how this business model works, and to simply get people to call me with their needs so I can make referrals. When you say “I’m a plumber,” pretty much everyone “gets” what that means. But when you have an unfamiliar business model, you also automatically have with it a branding and messaging challenge.

So….this is how I’m trying to solve it, and I’d love your feedback. Without explaining anything further about that business model, here is a 30-second animated video that attempts to get the message across. Give it a spin, then I have a simple question for you:

OK – what do you think? Clear? Compelling? I would love to know if this simple little tool was effective in getting the business model across to you (just send me a quick one-word or one-sentence note at Thanks!

(I’m likely to do a second animation explaining the clarity consulting process, if you think that would be helpful…)


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