Yes, I love to make connections. Yes, I enjoy doing clarity consulting. Yes, I do a lot of writing. However…

Less well-known is that I also do a good bit of public speaking and workshop facilitation. It’s a favorite activity, whether for groups of a handful or audiences of a thousand.

Pharmaceutical trainers and marketers are a demanding crowd – you’d better bring your “A” game if you’re going to instruct and entertain trainers! And, you don’t want to face an audience of social media marketers (smartphones in hand) unless you can deliver the goods.

Quote Sam Fiorella

Here are a few thoughts about the future of digital (in healthcare), recorded by my friends over at Pixels and Pills during the 2012 Digital Pharma East conference:

The Digital Future in Healthcare

Steve Woodruff public speakerSo, how can I help you? Here are the topics and audiences where I bring value as a speaker, arranged by audience:

For Marketing/Digital Media/Entrepreneur audiences:

  • Becoming Refer-able
  • Role Your Own Business
  • Key Digital Trend Currents Now Shaping Business
  • Build Your Own Opportunity Network
  • The Introvert Advantage

For Heathcare/Biopharma audiences:

  • Key Digital Trend Currents Now Shaping Business
  • Build Your Own Opportunity Network
  • Vendor/Project Success

For Christian Faith Community audiences:

  • Clearing Clouds (Men and Depression)
  • The Introvert Advantage

…and, below, arranged by topic/title:

>> Becoming Refer-able

When the foggy notes of an indistinct marketing message meet the noise and distraction of a potential client’s mind – nothing happens. It’s time to de-fog. Learn the five practical ways to make your go-to-market message succinct and memorable. 45-60 minute presentation; up to half-day workshop..

Audiences[ Marketing/Digital Media/Entrepreneur ] 

De-Fog SlideKey Point: The main competition is not the competition. It’s the noise. Job 1 is to cut through it with clarity.

Key Mental Shift: Approaching the market with a broad message full of bullet points is exactly the wrong approach.

Key Conclusion: A clear message breaks through the fog, sticks in the memory, and is “trans-referrable.”

Behavioral Goals: Re-examining the marketing message in order to distill a primary offering, a clear summary, a vivid analogy, a memorable story, and an ideal target client.


>> Role Your Own Business 

The business landscape is being re-shaped by the power of digital tools. With disruption comes opportunity for entrepreneurs to create entirely new value-adding business roles and models. 45-60 minute presentation; up to half-day workshop.

Audiences[ Marketing/Digital Media/Entrepreneur ] 

Role Your Own slideKey Point: Smart people with domain expertise and solid networks can play the role of a new intermediary – adding value between two audiences.

Key Mental Shift: We don’t need to think about our careers in terms of pre-fabricated boxes. Digital networks enable us to “role our own.”

Key Conclusion: The same disruption that “disintermediates” old business models enables whole new realms for us to act as filters, curators, matchmakers, connectors, and service providers.

Behavioral Goals: Liberate experienced professionals to explore new entrepreneurial opportunities that may already exist in their own backyard.


>> Key Digital Trend Currents Now Shaping Business 

This high-level discussion points out the major (and inexorable) cultural and technical trends shaping our world that every business person needs to recognize when planning strategic direction for the present and future. 45-90 minute presentation.

Audiences[ Marketing/Digital Media/Entrepreneur ] [ Healthcare/Biopharma ]


Key Point: We must gain a clear grasp of the inevitable digital future; and “skate to where the puck is going to be.”

Key Mental Shift: It is more important to understand Trend Currents (inexorable market-shaping forces) than Current Trends (what is happening right now).

Key Conclusion: Prepare for an interconnected world of People (social networks), Pockets (mobile), and Pipes (data streams).

Behavioral Goals: (audience-dependent)


>> Build Your Own Opportunity Network

This practical presentation gives perspectives and instructions on how any professional can network with clear business purpose. 60-90 minute presentation; up to half-day workshop.

Audiences[ Marketing/Digital Media/Entrepreneur ] [ Healthcare/Biopharma ]

Opp Network

Key Point: Every professional needs to pro-actively create their own network of high-quality, connected people for future business opportunities.

Key Mental Shift: The days of the corporate safety net are over. Security and opportunity are created through Collaboration, not through the Corporation.

Key Conclusion: Intentional, pay-it-forward networking yields a high-multiple of rewards. There are 5 proven practices that will make it work.

Behavioral Goals: Putting into practice straightforward behaviors on LinkedIn and other platforms that can make anyone a hub of value and connections.


>> The Introvert Advantage 

Society and business tend to favor the extroverted. However, introverts have unique abilities and perspectives that, when recognized and set free, create outstanding value. 45-60 minute presentation.

Audiences[ Marketing/Digital Media/Entrepreneur [ Healthcare/Biopharma ] [ Christian Faith Community ]

Introvert slideKey Point: Introverts make up 30-50% of the population. This is not some cosmic mistake, or personality problem to be “fixed.” Both introverts and extroverts have unique and valuable abilities.

Key Mental Shift: Embracing and affirming introversion (in oneself or others) can unleash whole new levels of usefulness in every area of life.

Key Conclusion: We need to create a climate wherein people of a quieter nature can thrive. There are very straightforward perspectives and practices to accomplish this.

Behavioral Goals: 1. Empower introverts to feel positively about their “wiring.” 2. Create awareness in larger communities of the value of this attribute. 3. Suggest ways that introverts can work more effectively.


>> Vendor/Project Success

This half- or full-day workshop equips biopharma training/marketing/communications professionals with the tools to select and manage vendors, as well as define and manage projects.

Audience: [ Biopharma ]


Key Point: Successful project and vendor management relies on certain key principles that can be learned and practiced by those without prior operational background.

Key Mental Shifts and Conclusions: Too many to list here – this workshop is loaded with new perspectives and practices!

Behavioral Goals: By implementing a Vendor Funnel selection process, a Vendor Map, and a pro-active set of communication processes, vendor/project chaos will be replaced by vendor/project success.


 >> Clearing Clouds: A Man and his Depression

This very personal talk outlines my experience with clinical depression; its signs, its daily effects, and the process of finding gradual recovery (including medicine). 45-90 minute presentation.

Audiences: [ General ] [ Healthcare/Biopharma ] [ Christian Faith Community ]


Key Point: There should be no shame in admitting to, and treating, a (mental) health issue. For men, however, this may be a major hurdle. This talk is designed to remove the stigma via personal example.

Key Mental Shift: Depression among men is more common than many think. Recognition and acceptance is key.

Key Conclusion: You cannot overcome depression by yourself. This is a “we” process, not a “me” process.

Behavioral Goals: Equipping the audience to recognize the signs of depression in self and others, and breaking down the barriers to seeking help.