Getting to Alignment

(no, this post is not about chiropractic – though the metaphor might be apt!) I was having a very interesting discussion yesterday with a fellow consultant – this gal is wicked smart – and she was telling me about how many of her corporate client challenges¬†boiled down to one word:¬†Alignment. Getting everybody on the same […]

Chaos and Clarity – and Airline Meltdowns

  What does the recent Delta Airlines computer meltdown have to do with my consulting work? Nothing. But, curiously….everything. Let me explain. Delta – and other major airlines – rely on aging and complex computer systems (hardware and software) that have been built up over the years with varieties of parts and pieces. It’s what […]

Being Out of Alignment

  Have you ever driven a car with the front end out of alignment? It’s an uncomfortable experience. You’re fighting the wheel the whole way. The road, the wheels, and you, are in a constant directional battle. Trying to get someplace while misaligned is wearisome. We hear a lot about “alignment” in the corporate setting, […]