Here’s a Business-Creating Secret that will Jump-Start Your Success

Your enemy: Indecision Every business has the frustration of somehow convincing customers to go forward and sign on the dotted line. Right? Quite often, their hesitation is due to one thing that you’re not giving them. And when I say one thing, I mean just that. You need to sell what you do, as nearly as possible, […]

That Time I Was Completely Wrong About Market Direction

I hate being wrong. Really – like the rest of us, I have this innate desire to get it right every single time. But some of my best lessons were learned through myopia and missteps. And over-dependence on logic. Here’s a painful lesson I learned in a prior job – sometimes (many times?) the marketplace is not logical and […]

Pigeonhole Me. Please.

“I’m really tired of being pigeonholed as a ___________ – there’s  more to me than that!” Frustrating, isn’t it? When you’re categorized and put in a box that limits the fulness of who you are? We are multi-faceted people and we want to be recognized as more than just a (mother/father/student/neighbor/waiter/chef/world’s-worst-driver). But, when it comes […]

OJD (Obscure Jargon Disorder) – Please Don’t Spread It!

The few moments that you have to get a message across are precious – and yet, the opportunity is often wasted because of a prevalent marketing sickness called OJD – Obscure Jargon Disorder. This is when the words you use bring obscurity, instead of clarity. You open your mouth (or someone clicks on your website), and a fogbank […]

Sold on You

You have something vitally important to sell. You. We’ve all heard that familiar expression, “we’re all in sales.” And it’s true. While we may not have the title “Sales Representative” on our business card, and a sell sheet for some product or service we’re pushing, we’re still responsible for selling our most important asset. Ourselves. Your resume (and/or […]

Who Is Clarity Therapy For?

One of the things I have learned, after many years of blogging/marketing/communicating, is that you cannot be too plain and simple. We all tend to assume that people have absorbed the full breadth of what we do. You know what? It’s generally not the case at all (and sometimes we’re not even clear on what we do […]

Four Ways to Get Out of Someone Else’s Box

I remember, a number of years back when working with another company, the intense frustration I felt (along with my colleagues) when a certain pharmaceutical client – a very important customer spending a pretty fair chunk of change with us – refused to even hear of some expanded business offerings we wanted to promote. No! You […]

The Feeling of YES!!

This week, my 12-year old son got his first triple in a Little League game – an opposite field hit that went over the left-fielder’s head. Yeah, of course I’m a proud Dad. You do your best to help a kid figure out how to swing a bat, and then that magic moment comes – BOOM! Yes!! […]

The Four Elements of Sweet Branding Clarity

  In a marketplace overloaded with digital noise and incessant messaging, it’s quite a challenge to make your brand stand out with clarity. Especially for small businesses and solopreneurs. Breaking through all the clutter is not merely a matter of a cute logo and catchy tagline. And it certainly doesn’t involve multi-million dollar ad campaigns. To make your brand […]