How to Become a Value-Adding Partner (not just a vendor)

Every company wants to be distinguished from the marketplace competition – but sometimes it’s difficult to rise above other suppliers and be thought of as more than just another commodity. What’s true of companies is also true of individual client-facing professionals (salespeople, account managers, project managers, etc.). You want to be thought of as a […]

Fixing Those Blind Spots

When I bought my Mazda6, one of the features that unexpectedly sold me on the car was a BSDS – Blind Spot Detection System. If you activate your turn signal and start to turn the steering wheel, sensors in the wheel wells automatically check to see if there are any vehicles in your “blind spot” […]

Does Your Business Need a Growing Pains Advisor?

Never heard of a “Growing Pains Advisor“? That’s OK, neither did I (nor¬†did Google), until today. It’s (hopefully) a memorable title. Turns out that that is exactly what I do in my consulting for small businesses and corporate teams. I’m an advisor for businesses¬†undergoing growing pains. I just hadn’t branded it that way. And, according […]