What Do You Think: Is Workstyle Profiling a “Thing”?

  Over a number of years doing career consulting/coaching with individuals, I’ve seen certain patterns in the way people approach their work – and I’d love to get your input about something I’m calling “workstyles.” Essentially, I think we’re wired to approach work (and life) with a certain mentality or approach. We have internal patterns that […]

Sold on You

You have something vitally important to sell. You. We’ve all heard that familiar expression, “we’re all in sales.” And it’s true. While we may not have the title “Sales Representative” on our business card, and a sell sheet for some product or service we’re pushing, we’re still responsible for selling our most important asset. Ourselves. Your resume (and/or […]

Discover Your Fit with Clarity Therapy

I’ve been doing a lot of Clarity Therapy lately. What is Clarity Therapy? It’s an intensive one-on-one time where we dig deep to uncover your professional DNA, and come up with your unique direction, story, and message. We’re discovering your fit. Clarity Therapy is like de-fogging the mirror and the windshield. When we see ourselves and our purpose clearly, […]