2015: The Year of the Depth Charge

It has become fashionable for many social media friends to put forward 3 words that will be their business (and/or personal) focus for the coming year. I like the idea – which I think originated with Chris Brogan – hey, it’s all about clarity and brevity, right? So, this year, I’m going to go with it. […]

How Facebook Could Bury Google+ and Twitter

  Let’s face it – Google+ never really got to mainstream adoption as a social network, and its future is now uncertain as Google redeploys internal talent away from developing it. And Twitter? It has lost its heart. In recent days, good friends like Chris Brogan, Joe Cascio, and Carrie Wilkerson have lamented the shift […]

Confessions of a Recovering “More” Addict

I can’t help it. I’m always thinking about more. More reach. More customers. More, more, more. That’s the default setting, even when I know better. Maybe all marketers are afflicted with this addiction (are you?) The answer, of course, is not more. It’s better. Knowing our target audience and putting more of our effort there. As […]

Baby, It’s Warm Inside (this network)!

  Way back in the day, when LinkedIn was pretty new and social media was beginning to emerge, I intuitively “saw” the power of digitally-fueled networks (as many of us did). But, I must confess that, on my part, a lot of this was (initially) logic-driven. Maybe a little calculated and opportunistic. The power was […]

Disruption is the New Normal. Now What?

I was making a number of visits in the Boston area earlier this month, and two people from different biotech companies with whom I had set up appointments were suddenly placed on the wrong side of company downsizings. The iPad came in really handy for finding a nearby Starbucks, when a corporate office was no […]

Your Unexpected Value

I’m a huge fan of each one of us discovering our particular areas of professional value, and expanding our careers around them. But, you know, every one of you folks out there provide some unexpected value as well. Value you may not even be aware of. There are so many wonderful people in my network […]

What’s Your Magic?

I’m not even sure quite yet what I believe about this topic. Thought I’d throw it out there for discussion – what’s your perspective? There are inherent strengths. Acquired skills. And growth-through-experience. Then, there’s personal magic. I’m increasingly thinking there may be something to the idea that we each have something special – as I’ve […]