What’s Your Company Culture?

  I am blogging about 20 Questions that you need to answer in order to set your business focus, and make your company referral-ready. The first one was, What are your Company Strengths?, followed by, What is Your Company’s Domain Expertise? Then, we looked at Who Loves You? Now, let’s turn to… Question #4 – What’s Your Company Culture? Every […]

What Are Your Company Strengths?

This is #1 of 20 Questions to Clarity You can’t grow and market your business without focus. A clear strategic direction, with a well-defined sweet spot in the marketplace, is critical to success. Many companies – not just start-ups, but also established outfits – flounder at this point. Trying to sell without clarity is like […]

On Needing Some Clarity – for Myself

I think a lot of us see the holidays as a time, not only for rest and celebration, but also for reflection and planning. I certainly do. And right now, I’m feeling both encouraged…and, truth be told, perplexed. Encouraged, because my mission has become very clear (help individuals and companies gain clarity and direction). I absolutely love […]

How to Become “Referral-Ready” – Bring The Clarity to Your Next Event!

If you’re in business, you need to be “referral-ready.” Referrals, as we all know, are the most powerful business-builders of all. What better topic to address at your upcoming conference or meeting? Before advertising, before marketing campaigns, before the sales pitch, before social media – first and foremost, we need to establish a clear message that […]

New Job Search? I Want to See Your M&Ms

That post-Halloween headline sounds a little weird. Maybe even kinky. Let me explain why it’s important to have someone look over your M&Ms. When I do Career Clarity Therapy with someone, this is what the first hour or so looks like —> It’s a mind dump – all your past career experiences, future aspirations, successes and failures, […]

Here’s a Business-Creating Secret that will Jump-Start Your Success

Your enemy: Indecision Every business has the frustration of somehow convincing customers to go forward and sign on the dotted line. Right? Quite often, their hesitation is due to one thing that you’re not giving them. And when I say one thing, I mean just that. You need to sell what you do, as nearly as possible, […]

How To Waste Thousands of Marketing Dollars with One Simple Trick

A huge percentage of companies in your marketplace do it. They’ve discovered the negative-ROI secret of flushing a vast amount conference dollars down the toilet – and you can, too! It’s quite simple, really. Just neglect to make your booth personnel attendee-ready. What does that mean? Well, consider what Mark Schaefer wrote in a recent blog post […]

Who Is Clarity Therapy For?

One of the things I have learned, after many years of blogging/marketing/communicating, is that you cannot be too plain and simple. We all tend to assume that people have absorbed the full breadth of what we do. You know what? It’s generally not the case at all (and sometimes we’re not even clear on what we do […]

Five Indispensable Attitudes for an Effective Brainstorming Meeting

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to facilitate an all-day Clarity Therapy meeting with a small company. We made tremendous progress despite one rather daunting circumstance: There were 14 of us in the room. You know how hard it is to get 5 people to agree on anything, right? Or even get them to take […]

Is There A “Better” Coaching Model?

I was sharing breakfast with someone recently who is far more deeply involved in the corporate coaching world than I have been. She asked me to describe what I do with coaching. While blabbing about the evolution of my clarity therapy approach, I called it, in essence, an “Epiphany Model” of coaching – I reach […]