Clarity Leads to Confidence

You know what really sucks? A draining away of confidence in your professional abilities. Secret: it happens to almost everyone, at some point or another. Even when you’re actually really, really good. Here are some factors that lead to a loss of confidence (what would you add?): Management that is more critical than encouraging Being in […]

A Customer Service Story with a Gaping Void in the Middle of it

  “You Can’t Read the Label of the Jar You’re In” I saw it come across my email inbox. And my eyes and brain lit up! Now, I’m not an artwork kinda guy, and I almost never buy anything spontaneously. But, when I saw this piece by Hugh MacLeod, who creates fun and quirky artwork […]

Your Compass and Your Filter

Every individual, and every company, is navigating through a professional world of a thousand options and ten thousand distractions. What should my next role be? What sort of company is best for me? Should we pursue that piece of business, that new client? What about expansion into this or that area? What we all need […]

Group Clarity Therapy

I did an experiment last week. Some of you knew about it and were cheering me on from a distance (thank you!) Clarity Therapy has always been a one-on-one (or one-on-few in a small company) exercise. And that works wonderfully – digging into a company’s or person’s wiring; figuring out specific potential market opportunities; crafting […]

Letting Customers Edit Your Direction

I was talking with one of my clarity therapy coaching clients recently, and came out with a question that changed the whole course of the conversation: “Among your offerings, what are you doing most right now? Give me percentages.” The answer surprised me. It gave a flash of insight into the real on-the-ground demand. And, […]

We’re The Generic Company You’ve Been Looking For!

I work with a lot of corporate training development companies. And I often point out their use of generic, commodity language in marketing. If your website could be swapped out with 5 or 10 of your competitors, just by changing the name, then guess what: You need some differentiation. Here’s a perfect sample, found in […]

A LinkedIn Summary to Love

I had the privilege of meeting Dawn Kristy at the SOBCon conference a few weeks back, and we had a long talk about her career (and life) path. Turns out that Dawn is quite a writer, and I love what she did recently with her LinkedIn summary: Here’s what I like about Dawn’s approach: Excellent […]

Discover Your Fit with Clarity Therapy

I’ve been doing a lot of Clarity Therapy lately. What is Clarity Therapy? It’s an intensive one-on-one time where we dig deep to uncover your professional DNA, and come up with your unique direction, story, and message. We’re discovering your fit. Clarity Therapy is like de-fogging the mirror and the windshield. When we see ourselves and our purpose clearly, […]

Grab Customer Attention with a Clarifying Analogy

“Impactiviti is the eHarmony of pharmaceutical vendor selection.” It took me 18 months to come up with the key analogy to explain my pharma consulting practice, but I’ve gotten more mileage out of that one statement than anything else I’ve used for marketing Impactiviti (my client-vendor “matchmaking” consultancy for pharmaceutical sales/training/marketing). Why is an analogy so important? […]