One Huge Benefit of Business Clarity

  Once you’re very clear on where you’re heading, decisions make themselves. Well, almost. A little bit of hyperbole there. But the reality is, once you have a destination and a GPS, it’s much easier to know where not to turn. A firm and clear YES to one direction makes it much easier to say […]

Does Your Business Need a Growing Pains Advisor?

Never heard of a “Growing Pains Advisor“? That’s OK, neither did I (nor¬†did Google), until today. It’s (hopefully) a memorable title. Turns out that that is exactly what I do in my consulting for small businesses and corporate teams. I’m an advisor for businesses¬†undergoing growing pains. I just hadn’t branded it that way. And, according […]

Is There A “Better” Coaching Model?

I was sharing breakfast with someone recently who is far more deeply involved in the corporate coaching world than I have been. She asked me to describe what I do with coaching. While blabbing about the evolution of my clarity therapy approach, I called it, in essence, an “Epiphany Model” of coaching – I reach […]

When People Tell You To Evolve – Listen!

You know when you sense a business need/opportunity, but you’re not quite sure about going ahead? I’ve had some questions lately about evolving into a new-ish area of business direction, and in the past couple of weeks, I’ve been listening. Here’s the expanded offering I’ve been looking at: some of my clients, for whom I […]

Your Career: Growing, or Shrinking?

  There’s a certain appealing simplicity to the recent crop of AT&T ads – you know, the one with the deadpan guy sitting around with some young kids, asking questions like, “What’s better – bigger, or smaller?” So, let’s ask a very simple question about your current career path or job role. Ready? Are you […]

Letting Customers Edit Your Direction

I was talking with one of my clarity therapy coaching clients recently, and came out with a question that changed the whole course of the conversation: “Among your offerings, what are you doing most right now? Give me percentages.” The answer surprised me. It gave a flash of insight into the real on-the-ground demand. And, […]