You’re Determined to Make Your New Business Fail. Four Ways I Can Totally Help With That.

  Common business lore is that up to 80% of new startup businesses fail within 18 months. For those who did not go to Vanderbilt, that’s 4 out of 5 (just kidding. Go ‘Dores!). I’m happy to report that I’m still going strong after 7+ years as a solopreneur – but that doesn’t mean there weren’t […]

Everybody Else

Businesses often have a very difficult time telling potential customers – even telling themselves – how they differentiate. There may well be something uniquely valuable in what you do – but how to get it to the surface and put it into words? One simple exercise is something we can call the Everybody Else Test. […]

Cutting Through the Fog of Business

You’ve heard the expression “the fog of war,” right? It’s all about the ambiguity and uncertainty that comes from limited knowledge and battlefield chaos. Static plans on paper never translate well into the dynamic timeline of active conflict. Everyone is now trying to make high-stakes decisions with fragments of incomplete information, further influenced by the […]

De-Fragment Your Business Strategy

As I talk in-depth to small business people (including consultants), I am seeing a pattern over and over again. I think it may actually be endemic for most professionals. Let’s call it business fragmentation. What do I mean? Well, over time, perhaps our offerings have become more diverse or less focused (sometimes in response to a […]