2015: The Year of the Depth Charge

It has become fashionable for many social media friends to put forward 3 words that will be their business (and/or personal) focus for the coming year. I like the idea – which I think originated with Chris Brogan – hey, it’s all about clarity and brevity, right? So, this year, I’m going to go with it. […]

The 80/20 Principle of Starting a Business

Everyone who starts a business soon realizes that the entrepreneur HAS to be open to change. How many of you started a business and had it 100% nailed right out of the gate? Hmmmm….I thought so. Evolution happens. We have ideas. The marketplace has its own needs and ideas. When the two get together, the […]

You’re Determined to Make Your New Business Fail. Four Ways I Can Totally Help With That.

  Common business lore is that up to 80% of new startup businesses fail within 18 months. For those who did not go to Vanderbilt, that’s 4 out of 5 (just kidding. Go ‘Dores!). I’m happy to report that I’m still going strong after 7+ years as a solopreneur – but that doesn’t mean there weren’t […]

Becoming the Go-To

Let’s do a little word association exercise. We’ll call it Name That Go-To. When you think of Entrepreneurship, who are the Go-To people that come to mind? _______________ How about Leadership?  _______________ Country Music?  _______________ The fact is, for every area of interest, we associate certain people as our familiar experts – our Go-To, top-of-mind folks that we […]

Role Your Own

Rep. Manager. Associate Director. Senior Director. Vice President. The business world is full of titles, all nicely arranged for you in various hierarchies. All waiting for you – compelling you – to fit in. Conform. Architect. Engineer. Doctor. Writer. Teacher. Pre-packaged job descriptions, with pre-ordained responsibilities. Pick a role. Conform. Someone else has decided your […]